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The essence of making an Epicor© Eagle© work properly involves making it work for you as a tool.

Rather than asking the organization to absorb all the changes involved in fully using a system, we are sensitive to the way that people do their jobs today.  Many times, expanding the use of these systems simply means explaining the proposed changes in a way that's understandable and valuable to those impacted.  

All benefits derived from the use of these systems have a direct impact on customer service.  Independent retailers have the best opportunity to differentiate themselves from large chain retailers by being customer service heros.  If using a system a bit differently means that more information is shared among a workgroup, not only do customers benefit, but customer-facing personnel feel more enabled to answer a customers question, like "When will my order be in?", "When will you have more of these in stock?"  or "When is my order being delivered".  The company that manages customer expectations best wins at customer service, and customers have a great reason to come back, since they trust the company to work in their best interests.

Processes and Procedures properly marry the tool (the computer system) to the organization in a way that has positive impact, not a feeling that 'this is just going to be more work'....  Ideally, it should reduce work, giving customer service personnel more time for taking the best care possible of customers.

Processes and Procedures